About me

Born on 11th April 1969 and grew up in the village of Beckford in Gloucestershire. In 1997, moved to London, then in 2020 I moved to Hertford. I was brought up in an arts environment. my Parents started a printing company, Beckford Silk Ltd in the early 70's, which remains family run to this day

In 1992, graduated from Cheltenham Collage of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting. Since then, I have been involved in numerous design-based projects, which include; mural painting, interior shop design, textiles and product design. In 2013, I decided to return to painting, which I currently do alongside working as a picture framer for a specialist art gallery in central London,

In 2016, I organised a short exhibition of my paintings entitled 'True Colours'. The main works were influenced and inspired by the colour vibrancy and palettes of India, Mexico and the Asian continent. More specifically, each of the larger paintings had a predominant colour hue.

My work and style

Recently, I have begun to develop a bolder abstract style, which I describe as my 'splash paintings'. Large areas of colour are dripped, poured and flicked onto the canvas. This is a departure from my previous work which was tonally more even. I begin each painting with a coloured ground and allow it to develop organically as the layers build up over time. The process is complete once I feel that the mark making and tones are of interest whilst retaining a spontaneous and fresh look. With my paintings, I try to convey the joy and creative excitement of colour.

Artists who's work inspire me include;  Albert Irvin. Sir Howard Hodgkins and John Hoyland.

Benoit Gardner CV

1991   Graduated from Cheltenham Art College with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting

1991   Cheltenham Degree Show

1991   Fresh Art Design Centre London

1992   Bruton Street Art Gallery London

2012   Shape Open Art London

2014   Acava Open Studio London

2015   Colville Art Gallery London

2015   Acava Open Studio London

2016   True Colours The Tabernacle Art Gallery London

2016   Acava Open Studio London

2017   Acava Open Studio London

2018   Summer Splash The Laundry Gallery Aviemore Scotland

2018   Acava Open Studio London

2021   Courtyard Arts Members Show